Opti-Free Pure Moist 300ml + 60 ml...
Opti-Free Pure Moist 300ml + 60 ml...
Opti-Free Pure Moist 300ml + 60 ml...
Opti-Free Pure Moist 300ml + 60 ml...

Opti-Free Pure Moist 300ml + 60 ml for free

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OPTI-FREE Puremoist Solution does more than just rinse your lenses. Its exclusive formula features dual disinfectants to thoroughly clean and disinfect contacts, reducing the risk of eye infections.

This power-packed multipurpose contact solution creates a moisturizing barrier on lenses to reduce debris build-up. The barrier also acts as a cushion for your contacts, keeping them comfortable all day long.


OPTI-FREE Puremoist Solution

Opti-Free Puremoist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is a multi-purpose solution, perfect for rinsing, cleaning, disinfecting, storing and reconditioning patient’s lenses. Opti-Free Puremoist is the #1 doctor recommended multi-purpose solution on the market. The Opti-Free Puremoist solution includes the exclusive 2D formula that uses Polyquad and Aldox dual disinfectants to eliminate microorganisms that could potentially lead to eye infections. The Hydraglyde Moisture Matrix surrounds the patients lens in long lasting moisture, providing constant comfort throughout the day and creates a barrier to keep out harmful deposits and debris.

Opti-Free Puremoist is the only one of the three patented Opti-Free formulas that includes Hydraglyde Moisture Matrix, deeming it the most effective solution for everyday contact users looking for all day moisture and relief. Compared to standard saline solutions that will only rinse the contact lens, Opti-Free Puremoist solution is meant to thoroughly clean contact lenses for comfort from morning until night. This solution works great with silicon hydrogel and soft contact lenses. These lenses may be left in the solution in an unopened case for up to 30 days before having to clean and disinfect again.

To effectively use Opti-Free Puremoist, fill your lens case with solution and wet each side of the lens. Afterwards, rub each lens for approximately 20 seconds with your fingers. Next, rinse each side of the lens for about 10 seconds with steady application of Opti-Free Puremoist solution. For the final step, place the lenses in the case for at least six hours to give the solution time to thoroughly rinse and disinfect the lenses. Opti-Free strives to continue providing patients with the newest and most effective contact lens products on the market for dry and irritated eyes.

HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix

OPTI-FREE Puremoist gives you all-day comfort thanks to the power of the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. It surrounds your lenses in a cushion of moisture and creates a barrier that reduces deposits and debris. This keeps lenses more hydrated and your eyes less irritated throughout the day.

Exclusive Dual Disinfectants

Polyquad and Aldox disinfectants rid contact lenses of microorganisms that can cause eye infections.OPTI-FREE Puremoist features our 2D dual disinfecting formula. Our exclusive ingredients - Polyquad and Aldox - use their disinfecting power to reduce harmful microorganisms on your lenses. And that’s a good thing, because those are the same microorganisms that can cause eye infections.

Doctor Recommended Multi-Purpose Solution

If you want to know the best choice for clean, clear, comfortable contact lenses, ask an eye doctor. Chances are, they’ll recommend the cleaning and disinfecting power and all-day comfort of OPTI-FREE Puremoist. In fact, eye doctors recommend it to their patients more than any other brand of contact lens solution.

*Based on a survey of 311 eye care practitioners, KS&R. July 2015.

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